Dry Mill Production Line

In 2019 Fenning Timbers in Bairnsdale saw the addition of two state of the art machines from Weinig, a trimming system with a scanner to aid in the removal of faults in the timber as well as a finger jointer line aimed to improve efficiency and productivity in the Dry Mill.

The new Weinig trimming system installed consists of a Combiscan Evo System which scans and photographs each board that runs through the machine, identifying faults in the timber and relaying that information back to the trim saw, where the faults and timber lengths up to 1.2 meters are cut and trimmed. The system aims to improve effectiveness by improving recovery of the timber put through, reducing waste.

The timber, after being run through a short timber Moulder, arrives at the new Finger Jointer line. Here the timber is loaded into cradles and is moved towards the shaper system, where the fingers are cut and the glue is applied to the timber. The timber is then fed towards the press system where a set length is input , cut and pressed together to create the desired length board. The new machine is fully automated and has increased the level of production significantly as all F17 timber products produced at Fenning Timbers are Finger Jointed.

This modern set-up allows Fenning Timbers to produce laminated sizes of timber to the desired length of the customer, in sizes 190X45, 240X45 and 290X45.

Dry Mill Production Line
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