The Fenning name is synonymous with the Timber industry and the family have been producers of timber products for over four generations. The principal, Leonard Fenning, is well known to be staff orientated and has been a leader in the field of Quality Control and Safety.

We are proud of the way our industry has developed and embraced value-adding. The once green timber is now a kiln dried product and the waste by-product is now used in various environmentally friendly products, such as garden mulch.

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At Fenning’s we produce a high quality kiln dried product to suit your needs.

Our Bairnsdale conversion centre quarter saws our logs to a range of dimensional sized timber for value adding.

The product is then air dried in our yard for up to twelve months before entering our state of the art kilns.

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No group of plants is as characteristically Australian as the Eucalyptus. Varying from tiny shrubs and spindly Mallees to forest giants like the Mountain Ash, they dominate the land- scape of Australia from the southernmost tip of Tasmania to Cape York, being absent only from the driest parts of the inland.

Of the more than 500 species available, Fenning Bairnsdale produces products from Eucalyptus found in the cold climate areas of Eastern Victoria – mainly Vic Ash and Mountain Ash.

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A few photos from around Fenning Bairnsdale, including a few highlighting the timber and process used to achieve our final product. Our site in Bairnsdale is a work in progress, continuously being upgraded with modern, cost-effective plant and equipment, vastly improved work ethics and conditions.