Timber Species

No group of plants is as characteristically Australian as the Eucalyptus. Varying from tiny shrubs and spindly Mallees to forest giants like the Mountain Ash, they dominate the land- scape of Australia from the southernmost tip of Tasmania to Cape York, being absent only from the driest parts of the inland.

Of the more than 500 species available, Fenning Bairnsdale produces products from Eucalyptus found in the cold climate areas of Eastern Victoria – mainly Vic Ash and Mountain Ash.

Alpine Ash
(Eucalyptus Delegatensis)

A mountain species found in the cooler high altitudes of Eastern Victoria. It produces a pale pink or creamy coloured wood. The texture is moderately coarse and the grain usually straight, but sometimes wavy.

As a result of the quarter sawn cut Alpine Ash has excellent dimensional stability and is ideal for interiors ranging from sophisticated retail spaces to elegant home interiors.

Mountain Ash
(Eucalyptus Regnans)

A major species in Eastern Victoria and Tasmania and is the largest of the Eucalyptus. The texture is rather coarse and the grain straight. The hardwood is pale pink or pale straw with gum veins common and it makes a distinctive flooring material.

Mountain Ash is one of the most important hardwoods of Australia, being widely use for interior and building contstruction.